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About Us

Synergy Aboriginal Business Strategies is a Joint Venture between Judy Carlick-Pearson and Brinkman Forest Ltd. Joining forces was a natural fit for us because of our shared values, philosophies and goals.

What has materialized is the assembly of a robust team of qualified professionals who are ready, passionate and willing to take on some significant challenges. The intention is to drive much needed change in the way business is conducted with and for First Nations…

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Synergy Aboriginal Services

Building relationships that represent the priorities of First Nations is at the heart of what we do.  Our strong operational background and community experience enable us to manage the interaction between organizations and their stakeholders to build shared ownership of positive outcomes.

Because of our expertise and knowledge that community engagement is the gateway to success in Business-to-Business, Government-to-Government and Nation-to-Nation consultation and negotiations, we focus on inclusive, transparent and accountable practices to develop and maintain constructive stakeholder relationships, address concerns and set realistic expectations.

We know that including the customer’s voice in all decisions that are made, is critical.  Our Aboriginal Engagement services can help you achieve the goals that are most important to your organization and develop manageable and consistent engagement approaches that are grounded in your company’s philosophies and mandates.

Integrating diverse segments of a territory or an area (e.g. forest tenures, land use, riparian management) to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable plan for development, requires expertise and attention to detail in areas that are all too often overlooked.  We know that communities prosper through the sound use of their resources or their natural, economic and social capital.

Together with all of the required stakeholders, we help develop long-term plans that protect the natural environment while leveraging and building upon this capital to support the growth of strong and resilient communities.  Our experience and our well-developed suite of tools support the participatory planning process in the areas of stakeholder and resource mapping.

In addition, our sustainable development expertise can help communities develop strategies that tackle key aspects of long-term community sustainability, including forestry and land use management planning and biodiversity conservation.

The underpinning element that enables our team of professionals to successfully execute on the services we offer is called Lean & Six Sigma.  These are two of the world’s most highly revered continuous improvement methodologies.

Using these methods sets us apart from the competition.  We help companies achieve their goals and desired outcomes by leveraging our cutting edge expertise in defining, measuring, analyzing, controlling and improving business processes through Lean & Six Sigma methods, tools and best practices.

Our customers benefit from these distinguished continuous improvement methodologies because we relentlessly focus on eliminating waste and variation in all processes, consultations and negotiations.  We do this by listening to and putting the needs of our customers first and by using facts and data to problem solve and drive better solutions.

Leverage our team’s front-line skills to improve understanding of operations, project-related issues and opportunities through proficient facilitation, business process mapping, problem-solving techniques, project management and value-add workshops.

An often neglected yet vital part of any business is the time and effort required to spend developing teams, individuals and leaders.  Most often we hear objections like “not enough time”, “not enough money” or “we’ll do it later”.

At Synergy Aboriginal Business Strategies, we focus and dedicate our attention to developing teams and leaders to achieve balance and learn about human dynamics in the workplace.  This enhances individual growth, learning and professional development.

We offer several empowerment programs, workshops and facilitated sessions to create a positive, respectful and motivating environment in which employees can work and thrive.  Some examples of training services that we offer are:

  1. Communication Delivery and Profiling
  2. Leading Teams to Optimal Performance
  3. Performance Management
  4. Facilitating Change
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Advanced Negotiation Techniques
  7. Economic Decision Making

It’s true in most cases that businesses and companies who fail to plan should plan to fail.  This is a strong and somewhat disturbing statement but it is all too often true, in our experience, that companies who operate without setting measurable goals and targets experience failures that significantly impact their bottom line and momentum.

At Synergy Aboriginal Business Strategies, we believe that rigorous and efficient performance tracking is the first step towards setting and meeting social, environmental and economic targets.  Our services and methods will enable robust decision-making and demonstrate transparency and accountability to stakeholders.  Our collaborative approach and expertise will help you build and implement impactful sales and marketing campaigns.

It’s not the tools in and of themselves that create the results, it’s the people.  Let our professionals work with you to assess which stage you are at or which area of your business is in need of a tune-up, change, or an adjustment.  Our aim is to ensure the foundation of your company remains strong and can set itself apart from your competition.  We can help you grow your business, set or renew your vision and develop business plans and strategies that will ensure your long term success.